Plan, Enjoy and Stick to a Healthy & Delicious Diet with Misrii

Our elders often tell us that “health is wealth, keep this treasure safe” but due to our hectic workaholic lifestyle we tend to ignore that. And this ignorance is what led us to health-related concerns.

These days, everyone is busy with something or the other and we give the least importance to what we are eating and from where. Our busy schedule demands for things which consume less of our time and give sufficient enough that satisfy our hunger.

But all this adversely affect our health.  Over the past few years, the tradition of eating home-cooked Indian food is swapped by quick fix snacks, chips and biscuits etc. Easy availability and low cost are a major cause for the growing fad for junk food among kids.

Junk food is a classic example of unbalanced diet usually characterized by high proportion of carbohydrates, refined sugar, salt, fats and low nutritional value, which can raise various health concerns like obesity, cardiac disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. These foods are processed and refined in such a way that they lose most of the key nutrients, have low fiber and poor water content.


We can’t get rid of our lifestyle, but we most certainly can change our eating habits and eat healthily.

The one-stop solution for a healthy diet is ordered healthy food online via Misrii, which is India’s homemade food community.

Misrii understands the value of time and health, and hence they have curated healthy meal packages for every section of society.

Every dish prepared at Misrii is by home chefs which means the food is absolutely homemade, made with homemade ingredients, keeping your health in mind. Also, the packaging of the food is done in the way to protect all the nutritional values of the food intact so that the food that reaches to you is rich with nutrients.

And what’s more, you can get all these benefits by just ordering the food online which is the most convenient way to satiate our appetite.


You can choose from a wide variety of healthy meal packages and each package is specially designed to keep the freshness and nutrients of the food as it is.

For more details about how to order healthy food online through Misrii and the variety of meal, packages visit our website or download our mobile applications from Google Play and Apple App Store.

You can also write us to or dial in at +91-7340029290.

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