Re-discover Authentic Homemade Meal Packages

With our hectic lifestyles, we often need to deal with recurring health issues. Sometimes, we don’t even care if what we are eating is healthy or not. We just eat, for the sake of eating.

Our current lifestyle and busy schedules don’t allow us to take care of ourselves. Due to lack of time, we shift towards foods that take less time to prepare and are easily available to us, which often includes packed and junk foods. But we tend to ignore their harmful effects which can impact our health.

We understand your busyness and we also care for you. Which is why, Misrii has come up with a collection of Healthy Meal Packages that you can choose from as per your daily routine, preferences, and priorities.

Recently we have launched three meal packages namely Premium Meal Package, Healthy Meals Package and Sr. Citizen Meal Package. All these meal packages are available as 7 meals plan, 14 meals plan and 26 meals plan.

Premium Meal Package let you choose from 4 menu choices daily – Uttar Bhartiya, Rajasthan Ke, Dakshin Se, and Healthy & Green. The food prepared for Premium Meal will be rich in health and nutrients and pure Indian. We use high-quality ingredients like Sharbati Wheat, Cow Ghee, cold pressed Cooking Oils and handmade spices. Also, the delivery will be made in world-class packaging at the time of your convenience which you can choose while ordering. Moreover, a dedicated Relationship Manager will be assigned to assist you will all your questions and queries about the meals, order, or anything else.

Healthy Meals package comes with a fresh green salad with rich seasonal dressing and our exclusive 3 in 1 combo of Salad, Flavored Yogurt, and Chaat. Your healthy meal box will be packed and delivered to you savoring the richness of fiber, vitamins and essential nutrients.

Our special Sr. Citizen Meal packs is especially created to suit the needs of our elder ones. This meal package can be customized to exclude ingredients that our senior citizens are allergic to. The complete meal will be a healthy haven, rich in natural ingredients, and prepared using no preservatives, no soda, no gluten.

To order, visit our website or download Misrii app from Google Play and Apple App Store.
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