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Misrii, India’s First Neighborhood Cloud Kitchen Enterprise, Specializes in Nutritious Home Styled Food @ Jaipur. Misrii APP makes available Nutritious & Fresh, Daily Food Solutions with a special focus on Authentic & Regional old-world Recipes, for Corporate & Retail users, including its famed Travel Packs & many more novel Food solutions. A Recipe may not have a soul but at Misrii, we bring SOUL to the recipe. Ordering dishes prepared with fresh & local ingredients, tasting like those prepared by your mummy, aunts & sisters. We give you Delicious home-style food delivered to your home or office daily. As a buyer, one can also book Party orders, Corporate Meal Packages, Travel Food & Patient Meals with us.
With our unique Misrii ”Gift-a-Meal” program, you can gift Misrii meals to Friends, Relatives, & even to under-privileged children, old age homes, on your birthdays & anniversary. Misrii App provides an easy gifting process and helps thrive harmony between individuals & communities.
The Misrii Initiative Program aims to bring together Tech-enabled students, professionals and all helping souls, who can accomplish the mission of empowering senior citizens of our society by making them technologically independent so that they can download mobile apps with ease and order their favorite homemade dishes online.
Come, Be a part of this enlightened community that empowers citizens of your city while also connecting the young generation to the flavors of homestyle food which silently fulfills Native Nutrition.
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