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    Explore variety everyday… (with South Indian/ Chatpata/ Punjabi/ Salad etc.)
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    Daily Delight

    Delightful Variety Daily (with South Indian, Punjabi, Chatpata, Salads etc.)
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    Quality with Diversity (South Indian, Punjabi, Chatpata, Salads etc.)
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    Lavish Spread Daily- (With South Indian/Chatpata/Punjabi/Salads etc)
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  • Kaju Katli

    Kaju Katli

    शुद्धतम स्वादिष्टतम - 500 Gms
    Order Now 399.00
  • Besan Barfi

    Besan Barfi

    शुद्ध और सेहतमंद, देसी घी से बनी -500 Gms
    Order Now 245.00
  • Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun

    शुद्ध देसी घी से बने हुए -500 Gms
    Order Now 225.00
  • Besan ke Ladoo

    Besan ke Ladoo

    शुद्ध देसी घी से बने हुए -500 Gms
    Order Now 249.00


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