Start your day with the happiness breakfast

  • Idli, Sambhar

    with Coconut Chutney (idli- 3pcs) (Extras available)
  • Vegetable sandwich

    2 Half Pcs (Extras available)
  • Poha with Aloo Bhujia

    गरमा गरम, हॉट हॉट (Extras available)
  • Upma

    1 Serving (Extras available)

Misrii Specials

Experience Royalty & Traditions

  • Dal, Baati & Churma

    Masala Baati, Gatta Masala (Free Aloo Bhujia) (Extras available)
    Order Now 245
  • Jain Roth, Gatta Masala

    ( Free Aloo Bhujia ) With Mithai, Pickle (Extras available)
    Order Now 229
  • Kuttu Poori - 4 Pcs , Aloo sabji (FALAHAR)

    With Mango Shrikhand (Extras available)
    Order Now 129
  • Royal Meal Box: Matar Paneer, Veg. Pulao

    ( Free Aloo Bhujia ) with Dal of the day, Seasonal Veg., Chapati & Missi Roti (Extras available)

All Day Menu

Eat the Best, it's mother approved

  • Daily Meal: Chapati, Seasonal Veg.

    With Dal of the Day, Rice & Pickle, Dessert - (Available Monthly Meal Package)
    Order Now 129
  • Aloo Paratha 2 Pcs

    With Curd & Pickle (Extras available)
    Order Now 109
  • Chole Bhature

    Pickle, Onion Rings (Extras available)
    Order Now 129
  • Idli, Meduvada, Sambhar

    Pickle, Onion Rings (Extras available)
    Order Now 149


Savour the greens beyond nutrition

  • Baked Potato Salad

    आलू इज किंग (Extras available)
  • Paneer, Tomato & Mint Chickpea Salad

    दी आल राउंडर (Extras available)
    Order Now 109
  • Russian Salad

    फॉर द जेंटलमैन & जेंटलवुमन (Extras available)
    Order Now 129
  • Vegetable Salad

    हरा भरा (Extras available)


Heavenly Yours, with pleasure

  • Mango Shrikhand

    250 Gms (Extras available)
  • Besan Barfi

    Made With Pure Cow Ghee- 6 Pcs(1 kg Pack Available ) (Extras available)
  • Moong Dal Halwa

    ( Free Aloo Bhujia ) Made With Pure Cow Ghee -250 Grams ( 1kg Pack Available) (Extras available)
    Order Now 144
  • Gulab Jamun -7 Pcs

    ( Free Aloo Bhujia ) गाय के शुद्ध देसी घी से बने (1 kg Pack Available ) (Extras available)


Unique & earthy, energy & more

  • Thandai

  • Ilaichi Lassi

    (1 kulhad) (Extras available)
  • Tadka Chhach

    (1 Kulhad) (Extras available)
  • Aam Panna

    (1 Kulhad) (Extras available)


The flavors that bring you home

  • Hari Mirchi Achar

    400 gms (Extras available)
  • Tomato Chutney

    (100 gms) (Extras available)
  • Lehsun Chutney

    (100 gms) (Extras available)
  • Imli Chutney

    (100 gms) (Extras available)

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