Delivery Boy

They know their ways, quite literally and reach everywhere on time. You just need to have a driving license and know basic calculations that would help you while collecting money from the customers and you are eligible to apply for this job.


They prepare delicious food and different cuisines every day because they are passionate about cooking. So, if you also love cooking and have specialty dishes that you think people will love to eat, register with us and start earning.

Outdoor Marketing

They talk, they create, they convince – everywhere they go. If you have a creative mind and love to interact with people, then we have a perfect job for you. You will be a part of our outdoor marketing team and organize the events, conduct surveys and so much more.

Event Coordinator

They are best with innovate ideas and are available for your service. They organize events by delivering extraordinary design and planning strategy. You can be an event coordinator if you can get fresh ideas for every event.

Part-Time Chef

Fulfilling the beauty of your dreams by cooking your favorite cuisines in your luxury time. Utilize your part-time by cooking. Thus if you are free for some time to complete your passion for cooking by serving us tasty food.


Let the intelligence take over the power of emotions. Train your mind by keeping in busy. If you are looking for ways to gain knowledge be an intern for the company. Join us as an intern and be a part of our organization.


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