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PARTnER with misrii

to open your own Misrii's Cloud Kitchen in your city
Food App & Delivery App
Long Term Benefits of Misrii Partnership
  • Everyday Food Business with high margins
  • Proven higher return on investment
  • A unique and recession proof business model
  • Break even time is 15 to18 months
  • Easy to use Misrii APP and Website
  • Highly advanced Order management system
  • Customized Inventory Management software prevents wastage
Our Brand Values
Ethical Food Business + Innovative Kitchen Practices + Slow-Cooked
Traditional Ingredients = Fresh & Healthy Native Food
Serve Healthy Food
For Healthy Profits

Deliverables from Misrii

Misrii provides the following support to our domestic Partner:
  • Order Management Dashboard & CRM
  • Delivery App with Tracking system
  • Field-based Real Estate Assistance
  • Kitchen establishment & their operations
  • Menu Innovation & Management Training
  • Vendors, Supply Chain tie-ups for Inventory & Logistic Support
  • Supply of Packaging Materials
  • Hiring Assistance for Kitchen Operations
  • Digital Marketing Support to Get more sales on Misrii APP
  • Assistance in Advertising, Promotion, Social media.
  • Assistance in Public Relations, Sales & Tech Support
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