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Whether you are a Housewife, a Working couple , Senior citizen or a businessman, herein lies an opportunity to generate extra income, with minimum of efforts, by registering as Misrii Mitra! Based on your time & convenience, you as Misrii Mitra can earn income & goodwill at the same time. Just meet new people, help them with their daily food needs on Misrii, as well as a chance to participate in exciting events and activities. As a Misrii Mitra, you can earn more than 10-15,000/- per month, just being available part time!

  • Set up your own business
  • No investment & big returns
  • Get Training
  • You are your own boss
Once you are registered with Misrii Mitra, you can take all training from our team. Being Misrii Mitra, you will get all support from us in terms of training.

With Misrii Mitra, earn with no invest. You can contact us for guidance or further queries. We will be happy to help you anytime. Call us on 7340029290 or you can write us at info@misrii.com

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