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Daily Delight: (Available Monthly Meal Package)

Chapati, Seasonal Veg. With Dal of the Day/Gravy Veg., Rice & Pickle (Extras available)

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This package includes 5 dishes, Phulka (4 Pcs) (Missi Roti/Paratha & Special dishes available on all Sundays for monthly subscriptions) along with Fresh Seasonal Vegetable, Rice & nutrient-rich Dal of the Day, Homemade Pickle spices your whole experience. This meal can be customized for different medical diets.

NO PRESERVATIVES |NO ADDITIVES | NO TRANS-FATS | HOME STYLE COOKING | The item/s delivered may vary from pictures seen online.

Nutritional Contents

Daily delight covers all aspects of nutrition, taking care from macronutrients to all the essential micronutrients.

Nutra Coins: The Nutra Coin value system rates our recipes w.r.t. average RDI values recommended by FSSAI and NIH.
This dish is worth 1810 Nutra coins.

Disclaimer: All information written within misrii.com is intended for informational purposes only & is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. However, quality ingredients in our recipes ensure natural nutritional benefits but do not guarantee for safety from any food allergies.


Wheat Flour, Green Vegetable, pulses, Cow Ghee, Indian Spices, Homemade Masala's, etc

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