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Health is one of the most important concerns of our lives as it is said that "Health is Wealth".

In the present times, it is more convenient to order food online. But why choose unhealthy food, when you can get home-cooked healthy meals delivered to you. Keeping that mind, Misrii has curated Healthy Meal Packages.

The Healthy Meal Packages created by Misrii aim at providing the best quality healthy food that you can order online. The dishes in the meal packages are chosen to provide you the maximum health benefits without worrying about the loss of nutritional value of the food.

What makes Misrii’s Meal Packages unique from the other meals available?
  • Home-cooked food
  • Genuine ingredients
  • Quality of the items involved in the making
  • Hygiene as the food is prepared in a home kitchen
  • The taste which will resemble “Maa k hath ka Swad”
  • Quality packaging that keeps the nutritional value intact

Healthy Meals Online

We understand that the current lifestyle of majority of the people keeps them away from the good food as they don’t get enough time to cook or have something healthy. In such scenarios, fast foods and junk foods are the most common choices to go with.

Misrii provides you an opportunity to stay healthy by eating healthy with the convenience of ordering healthy food online. Be it your home, or your workplace, we assure you the quality healthy food to be delivered right at your doorstep.

So forget ordering junk foods online, it’s time to grab some healthy home-cooked food to satiate your appetite.

Order Healthy Meal Packages from Misrii online from the website or apps for Android and iOS and be relaxed as we deliver the piping hot healthy home-cooked meal to you.