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About Misrii
Misrii is a community of food lovers. It is a Social Enterprise, to buy & sell Pure, Fresh & Delicious Home-Cooked food. Misrii connects talented Home Chefs with you. Misrii Empowers.
  • Order on Misrii Don’t feel like cooking today? Tired of going out & eating at restaurants or ordering from Tiffins ? Or just craving for a long lost family dish? Misrii brings you fresh home-made food cooked by the likes of your Mummy's & Aunty's, at your doorstep. Our Homechefs prepare soulful, customised dishes for you because they simply enjoy to cook. Try it & feel at home. Explore More Become a Buyer
  • Cook on Misrii ​Imagine, your passion for cooking can get you name, fame & lots of extra income. Have some signature dishes that will make you a celebrity MISRII CHEF in no time? Come & Cook with us and we will deliver your dish to hundreds of people waiting to enjoy pure, home cooked food. Then, what are you waiting for ? Register on Misrii & see the magic!​ Explore More Become a Home Chef
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Good tasty food is a blessing in life and the search is on to satisfy our cravings. Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy your favorite dishes cooked in exotic flavors? We bring to you the luxury of eating Pure, Delicious, Fresh, Soulful, Homecooked food prepared by our curated Home Chefs who are passionate and enjoy cooking. These Home Chefs are the likes of your Mothers, Aunts, Uncles & Sisters who are naturally gifted to cook tasty food. Its simple - You select your favorite dish, order and it will be delivered to you. Enjoy every day eating your choice of dishes. Experience Misrii.

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Are you passionate about cooking ? Is it your hobby to cook delicious food? Can you imagine, this hobby can bring you social identity, recognition, appreciation and best of all - Lots of extra income? . Misrii collaborates with you by providing a technology platform that helps you fulfill your dreams. Misrii takes care of Pick up, Delivery, Marketing, Payments and best of all - Your brand creation as Misrii Chef. Its easy - Become a MISRII CHEF and see the Magic! Experience Misrii.

How Misrii Works