Misrii Signature Meal Box- Serves 2

Starters / Main Course / Salads / Desserts / Lassi

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Now experience Royal Dine-in at your home with Misrii's Royal Package which will spoil you for choices. This meal package promises you a 7-star experience. The Royal Delicacies include Misrii Special Starter, Aromatic Tofu Paneer Vegetable & Seasons Vegetable, Dal, Pulao, Pineapple Raita, Laccha Paratha- 3 Pcs, Ghee Chapati-3 Pc...


Lentils, Basmati Rice, Tofu Paneer, Cream, Seasonal Vegetables, Home Made Spices & Herbs, Desi Cow Ghee, etc.

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Dinner Till 08:00 PM Same Day 08:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Desserts Till 08:00 PM Same Day 08:00 PM to 09:00 PM
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