Thepla / Dal Puri , Aloo Til Masala / Ker Sangri

With Aloo Sev & Lemon Chutney ( vaccum packing optional ) (All Day Meal) (Extras available)

Lunch Dinner 320
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Thepla (10pcs) , A traditional flatbread recipe from the heart of Gujrat, made from a delectable dough of grain flour along with evergreen taste of aloo til masala or Ker sangri . Or you can order Dal puri ,a complete traditional & nourishing package that will keep you active through the day. Enjoy this combination with lemon...


Wheat flour, cold pressed oil, besan, potato, til, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, salt, ker, sangri, lemon, jeera, maida, ajwain.

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